New skills to acquire as companies continue to retrench staff

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New skills to acquire as companies continue to retrench staff

The way companies retrench their staff these days is very alarming. The reason(s) best known to them. And some of these retrenchments happen without a prior knowledge of it to the persons involved. How will the people survive? What will the people do? Is retrenchment the end of life? No. Learning a new skill will save you the direct hard impact. Skills to acquire varies from person to person. Just think about the most successful people in the world. Those who consistently succeed are those who are best at learning new skills. Acquiring the following skills will help greatly; culinary and baking skills, writing, photography and  videography.


At this time, people are spending all or most of their time at home. Cooking is a must. Cooking is a skill that has a multitude of benefits. You can channel creativity through cooking and baking. Cooking home meals is often a healthier and cheaper alternative to most eating out options. This also brings people together and gives you the ability to host dinner parties and make little money for yourself and


Writing is one of the most important skills you can have. It’s how most of us communicate, especially in this age of internet, texting and social media. Writing also helps improve your speaking skills as well. You can learn how to improve your skill of writing through books, online courses, videos and of course, practicing writing. It helps clear the mind and by so doing, it helps to make clear decision.

Photography & Videography

Anyone can learn how to shoot photos and videos. All that you need is a camera. You also don’t need to go outside or other people to practice photography and videography. You could learn how your camera works and the different settings and options for shooting. You could also learn how to shoot indoors and inanimate objects such as flat lays, or even use things like a green screen. YouTube and blogs can easily
help you get started.

Be open to experimentation! You don’t have to limit yourself. Try out different things. Set deadlines and see what happens. You can learn any skill you put your mind to. With consistent effort, you’re very likely to see results!

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