NDA – Use of English (Comprehension) – 2005

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INSTRUCTIONS: Front the option lettered D, choose one which most accurately reflects the meaning of the passage, and shade your answer sheet accordingly. Answer all questions

My thirst had by this time become insufferable, my mouth was parched and inflamed; a sudden dimness would frequently come over my eyes, with other symptoms of fainting; and my horse being Very much fatigued, I began seriously to apprehend that I should perish of thirst. To relieve the burning pain in my mouth and throat, I chewed the leaves of different shrubs but found them all bitter, and of no service.

A little before sunset, having reached the top of a gentle rising, I climbed a tree, from the topmost branches of which I cast melancholy look over the barren wilderness, but without discovering the most distant trace ora human dwelling, the same dismal uniformity of shrubs and sand everywhere presented itself; and the horizon was as level and uninterrupted as that of the sea.

from the tree, I found my horse devouring the stubble and bushw00d with great avidity, and as I was now too faint to attempt walking, and my horse too much fatigued to carry me; I thought it but an act of humanity, and perhaps the last I should ever have it in power to perform, to take off his bridle and let him shift for himself; in doing which I was suddenly affected with sickness and falling upon the sand as if the hour of death was fast app11)aching. Here then (thought I)offer a short but in the effectual struggle, terminate all my hopes of being useful in my day arid generation; here must the short span of my life came to an and whilst I reflected on the awful change that was about to take place, this world, with its enjoyments seemed to vanish from my recollection. Nature, however, at last, resumed its functions; and On recovering my senses, found myself stretched upon the sand, with the bridle still in my hand, And the sun just sinking behind the trees; I now summoned all my resolution, and determined to make another effort to prolong my existence. And as the evening was somewhat cool, I resolved to travel as far as my limbs would carry me, in hopes of reaching (my only resource)a watering-place, With this view; I put the bridle on my horse, and driving him before me, went slowly along for about an hour, when I perceived some lighting from the north-east, a most delightful sight, for it promised rain. The darkness and lighting increased very rapidly, and in less than an hour heard the wind roaring among the bushes. I had already opened my mouth to receive the refreshing drops which I expected; but I was instantly covered with a cloud of sand, driven with such force by wind, as to give a very disagreeable sensation on my face and arms, and I was obliged to mount my horse, and stopped under a bush to prevent being suffocated. The sand continued to fly in amazing quantities for nearly an hour, after which I again set forward, and traveled with difficulty until ten o’clock.

About this time I was agreeably surprised by some very vivid flashes of lightning followed by few heavy drops Ofrain. In a little time, the Sand ceased to fly, and Lighted, and spread out all my clean cloths to collect the rain, which at last I saw will certainly fall. For more than an hour, it rained plentifully and I quenched my thirst Wringling and Suckin gym-clothes.


This is a timed quiz. You will be given 300 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


The word that is most suitable as title to this passage is

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The word 'melancholy' is used by the writer to connote

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The 'avidity' means

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'to take off his bridle and let him shift for himself' is

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'Nature however, at last resumed its functions' as used in this passage means that the

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Which of these statements is true about the passage?

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From your opinion the story ended as a _________

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From the tone of the writer, will you say that he was

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The context of the passage shows that the writer traveled

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The narrative technique can be termed as

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NDA - Use of English (Comprehension) - 2005
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